Hi, I’m Amber

Design Research & Strategy Enthusiast

Good design has power - the power to bring a user back, to bring pleasure and ease. Imagine the power of design on your daily experiences - your work commute, gym experience, or car insurance claim. Good design can impact every moment of your life, reducing the friction of interactions. Good design is not based on assumptions - it’s based on efficient, effective research. Why guess what customers think when you could get real feedback from them instead?

Want help determining what type of design will drive your business forward?

Freelance Design Strategy


CReative Discovery

Find out what your customers are thinking about your services & products.

Strategies: surveys, competitive analysis, usability testing, contextual inquiry, card sorts, interviews, content audit.

Synthesis & workshopping

Bring together all channels of data, evaluate and prioritize to meet business needs.

Strategies: affinity mapping, stakeholder workshops, journey maps, user personas, empathy mapping, product priority development.

Customer Journey Map Example.png


Create designs that build towards a solution & test them early and often.

Strategies: interaction design, accessibility accommodations, user testing.

Final Designs

Designs can be created on sites like Squarespace, Wix, or Wordpress or delivered with thorough notes ready for your developer.

Strategies: user testing, iterative design, product roadmap, thoughtful handoff.