Hi, I’m Amber.

Originally from South Carolina, I have a passion for home cooking and expansive community gardens. Philadelphia’s tight knit neighborhoods and gritty residents hold an even stronger place in my heart. While working as a teacher in Philly schools, I became acutely aware of the challenges that people face in their everyday lives.

My goal as a designer is to take those insights and turn them into solutions that solve problems.

I believe thorough research leads to the best outcomes for users because it allows me to build and develop empathy that is validated by user testing and feedback on my work.

UX in Everyday Life

Community Gardens

UX practices inform many of my hobbies and interests outside of the digital space. One of my favorite hobbies is gardening and growing plants (if you couldn’t tell!). Plants are powerful, and Philadelphia has been at the center of research demonstrating the benefits of green space. For example, community gardens are shown to:

  • Boost mental health and wellness

  • Improve immune function

  • Increase property values

  • Increase access to healthy foods

  • Reduce crime

Growing up, my family always had a little garden, and it’s a tradition I’m really passionate about, in large part because research shows that it benefits communities. When food is grown and prepared with love and care - it makes all the difference! Last summer, I had a prolific plot in a local community garden with 7 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, Swiss chard, kale, collard greens, cucumbers, green beans, bell & jalapeño peppers. I had more than enough to share with family & friends all summer long plus I got to teach kids on my block about fresh produce and introduce new tastes.

Philadelphia needs more community gardens, especially in food deserts, but in all neighborhoods to help urban kids learn where food comes from. Community gardening requires relatively few resources from cities in order to impart a big change. I’m deeply committed to a vision of the future where people have access to strategies that help to increase their health and happiness. When cities use UX practices like research to make data driven decisions that prioritize residents’ experiences, we all benefit.

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