What do amateur bands need after they mix their music?



Amateur musicians need a way to increase their band presence - to “make it big.”


By designing a search feature that connects musicians to venues at the hyperlocal level, we will achieve a way for bands to increase their exposure and build a following.


Design a feature for Raytown’s music production app that would appeal to their future user base.

Role & Scope

My role was as the user researcher and product designer with a 2 week timeline.


  • User Interviews

  • Affinity Mapping 

  • Empathy Mapping

  • Storyboarding  

  • User Flows

  • Wireflows 

  • Paper Prototype 

  • User Feedback 


  • 5 User Interviews

  • User Empathy Map 

  • Storyboard  

  • Paper Prototype 

  • Balsamiq Clickable Prototype


Final Rapid Prototype


The Process

Research Plan:

  • 5 interviews using open ended questioning

  • Secondary research

  • User persona

  • Empathy mapping

Insights Gained:

  • Amateur musicians prioritize high quality sound production

  • Musicians believe that recording studios provide additional benefit because they have record label contacts

  • Musicians enjoy recording studios because you can interact with and see other artists’ process

  • After recording, if record labels don’t bite, bands struggle to determine direction

  • Touring is prohibitively expensive, but is one of the most effective ways to build a following

  • Some bands resort to “spamming” venues because they struggle to book a gig. They email every venue repeatedly.

  • Most venues don’t want to book amateur bands or require bands to fill the seats themselves by selling their own tickets

  • Some venues require amateur bands to book gigs with a 2nd band to increase attendance

I enjoyed being able to physically be there — to be able to drop in on live recordings and have access to the studios’ connections to record labels.
— B.G., amateur musician

Empathy Mapping

Based on my research, I created a user persona, Brandon. Brandon valued connection and interaction at the studio, but after he mixed his tracks and contacted the record labels through the studio, he didn’t get any results. He didn’t want to just share his music on social media. He was saving up to go back to the studio. Without access to more funding or new way to reach record labels, he was at a standstill.



DEtermining the Direction

Based on interviews with amateur musicians, persona creation and empathy mapping alongside secondary research about the process of booking a venue as a band, a clear direction emerged for this feature. New bands struggle to book gigs, and venues work with the same bands too frequently. Bands needed a platform to provide transparency and clarity around the gig booking process in order to grow their brand and make more music.

Research Flow - GA 1.jpg

Sketches & Wireframes


Key Features


Hyperlocal Search Feature

Bands and local venues or events can use this app to match events with fresh talent. Primary & secondary research suggested that bands struggle to book gigs and that the expense of touring is prohibitive.


Matching Bands with Events

Bands can find local venues - and events. They can access event information, payment information and message the event all in one quick page within the app.

7 Profile Page.png

Band Profile Pages

These pages allow people looking to hire fresh talent to book bands right on the app. These profiles also form the basis of the app’s Electronic Press Kit which can be sent to venues.